ˈfʌɪsti | ˈfiːmeɪl | adjectives Executive. Writes fiction for fun. Calisthenics fanatic. Undercover romantic. Propensity to be corny.

Survivor of the corporate jungle by day; dreamer, reader and writer by night.

I write for fun. It’s a compulsion. Up to now I’ve mostly written Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Tech Thriller short stories. I love constructing new worlds. I’ve always wanted to do more with my existing work, so I’ve recently started adapting my work into a full novel. It’s a terrifying process.

Topics that underpin my writing: power, the complexity of human relationships, the necessity of revolution, humility, bravery and morally right choices.

In my spare time I paint, sketch, work out, take photos and support new authors.


The Stealth Chronicles: Race

Nerea Black has never known her parents, had friends, enjoyed school or been happy at home. All Nerea knows is a miserable life with the Malloy’s, her horrible foster parents and their mean twin sons. But, all of that is about to change when she is invited to compete for a scholarship to a wonderful place she never dreamed existed. It’s an opportunity of a life time - a magical world where bio-enhancement, robots, surveillance, urban camouflage, drones, virtual travel and subliminal schooling is the order of the day. There she finds not only friends and a surprise around every corner, but a destiny that was waiting for her. Winning the scholarship is essential - an ordinary life doesn’t compare to a future she never imagined.